Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More About Me

Running Smolov Squat and Smolov Jr. for Bench.

Training maxes:
Squat 415
Bench 320

BW: 183

Due to benching and squatting 4x a week assistance exercises are pretty limited. First time running the two together so this is going to be a bit of an experiment. Have extremely weak pulls due to lack of back and grip strength, I try to address those problems as often as possible.

Goals before summer:
Squat 500+
Bench 350+
With belt and wrist wraps only.

Diet: pretty basic, chicken, salmon, tuna fish, multi grain pasta, sweet potatoes and miscellaneous greens. 2-3 meals a day of that a 1-2 shakes a day.

Supplements: ON Creatine, ON Fish Oil, ON Opti-Men, Glucosamine.

Preworkout: Hemo Rage Black UC (free sample) or Jack3d.

Workout times and mealtimes are going to be somewhat random and inconsistent as I am currently finishing up college.

I am always welcome to suggestions of course. Constructive criticism is welcome as I am new to power lifting.