Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Essentials

Unless you have the luxury of training at your own gym these are certain things you might find useful to bring with you to train.

1. A bag to carry all of your stuff in. Self explanatory. Never forget anything again.

2. A belt. Single prong, double prong, a lever, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that the belt is used properly. It provides protection for your lower back during squats and pulls, it also strengthens the core and allows for greater lifts.

3. Wrist wraps. Provides support for heavy presses. Once again like the belt, if used properly the benefits are plenty.

4. Chalk. Grip strength a problem? Not anymore. Of course chalk should only be used when it is absolutely essential.

5. Am I missing anything? What do you bring to the gym every day?


  1. something to drink! following!

  2. just found your blog, following! luckily i dont have to worry about bringing anything to the gym cuz i workout at home ;)

    your friend,

  3. All I bring with me to the gym is my iPod and an attitude that I'm going to tear up some weights.

  4. Good stuff brah...don't forget the ipod and bottle...can't be bothered listening to the gym music or having people bother me.

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  5. +1 for Ipod on the list

    follow back brah

  6. a bottle of water!

    nice blog btw brah, followed/clicked!

  7. I'd love to be wrong, but I've heard people discuss how lifting without the belt (with proper form) is better for gains. I know the belt can prevent injury, but so can proper form, at least up to a certain weight. Your thoughts?

  8. I always forget the chalk and have to borrow some...good tips bro

  9. chalk is hard as fuarkkk bro, nice blog.

  10. I'd love to be wrong, but I've heard people discuss how lifting without the belt (with proper form) is better for gains. I know the belt can prevent injury, but so can proper form, at least up to a certain weight. Your thoughts?

    I only wear my belt tight on really heavy sets where my form is guaranteed to break down. In the 1-3 rep range. Otherwise if I have it on it is on loosely during higher rep sets where I feel my form will break down and then I wear it despite the fact that I probably won't need it. It is a case by case basis, for me any squats under 315 lbs is without a belt, so you are going to have to decide what works best for you.

    It is true that lifting with the proper form without a belt engages the core more, however as the weight gets heavier and heavier it is going to be extremely difficult to maintain proper form. With the belt you are going to be able to move more weight which engages the core more ie 225 squat no belt or 245 squat belt.

    From Joe DeFranco:

    I was never a big fan of weight belts for non-powerlifting athletes before this year. This is because I feel that strength-training WITHOUT a weight belt is probably the best abdominal “exercise” that an athlete can do. Well, I STILL feel the same way, but I finally realized that wearing a belt for 1 or 2 heavy sets of squats or deadlifts will NOT take away from abdominal strength gains; In fact, it's quite the contrary! Learning how to properly use your belt will make your abs stronger, as well as drastically reduce your chances of injuring your low-back during heavy squats & deads. The key is learning how to PROPERLY use the belt. You must learn to fill your stomach with a ton of air while pushing your abs OUT, expanding them against your belt. (Do NOT pull your belly button inward!) The cue that I use with my athletes is to inhale and “make yourself fat” before descending into the squat. (You are acting as if you’re trying to break your belt with your stomach.) Then, you want to hold your air during the entire rep. (Exhale slightly only if you have to.) This technique will not only stabilize your spine by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure, it'll enable you to lift more weight! (I had 4 different kids PR last week in the box squat after learning how to use a belt for the first time!)

  11. I bring a small camelbak backback with me to the gym everyday.

    - I only have my cell phone for music with a bluetooth headset so no mess of wires.

    - Straps

    - Small towel

    - EFS Bands for band strength training

    - Jumprope

    I need to get a belt sometime soon and and dip/pull-up belt for adding weight on these 2 exercises.

    I will need a bigger bag to hold my stuff as well.

    Also following you brah.


  12. good list broseph. keep this blog goin

  13. Never used belt/straps before.

    RAW all the way! :D

  14. yeah i have a gym in my basement...So I bring nothing...just crank tunes

  15. How about a blindfold so you don't have to look at those wrinkly old guys in the locker room?

  16. Luckily for me I live on campus next to my school gym, so I don't bring anything (except hand chalk and my keys)

  17. I always get dat dere protein and oats for post, om nom nom

  18. You can't go to the gym and lift heavy if you don't pop a multi